Hanneke Floor (J.C.Floor) Born in the Netherlands June 26, 1951 Throughout her life Hanneke felt inspired by people and different cultures; after living close to an (Native Northern American) Indian Reservation in Canada and noticing their way of living, she wanted to express that lifestyle in paintings and ceramics. On the path of developing this, she painted and drew the series of 'Gesluierde Vrouwen' (Veiled Women) in 1994 and wrote a poem to express her thoughts about the mystic behind them. The series of the 'Masai' from Africa, she painted in 1998 with warm colors; showcasing the warm element within the people and their environment as she experienced it after researching their tribal lifestyle; unfortunately she has never had the pleasure of having a real life experience with them. Besides this part, (she drew since the age of 9 and painted from the age of 16), she drew and sculptured many portraits of people in different styles, like Watercolor, Oil paint, Acrylic, Soft-pastel, Ink, Pencil and Bronze, she loves to capture the actual character in front of her and bring it to life, instead of making a copy of their reflection. After having the opportunity of traveling through many different countries and their specific regions like; Canada, Alaska, Norway, America, France, Italy etc. and now living on St Eustatius after 14 years  on Curacao (Dutch Antilles), she got inspired - and will be continued to be - by the beauty of landscapes in many different ways. Another signature style of Hanneke can be found in the series of floral paintings using the same variety of techniques as in her portraits; making each and every piece radiate zest and vitality; provided by dynamic colors and subtle contrasts; the paintings truly showcase brilliance and plasticity. Art Publishers such as Verkerke, Art Line Art Publishing (Netherlands) and PGM Art World (Germany) have a knowledged their vibrancy and published reproductions of several items of her work, which nowadays can be encountered globally. She frequently has demonstrated her work at the KunstRai in Amsterdam, fairs and other locations, where she displays her work and demonstrates her painting techniques in ' live portrait' sessions. Hanneke’s original work and reproductions are spread over many countries from the Northern part of the world, like Scandinavia to the Southern part of the world like Australia etc.

Murals are to see on Curacao and St Eustatius.